Paperwork Needed While Traveling With Puppies

Shipping or flying with puppies could be a little complicated especially when you don’t know what legal documents you may require. It is because airlines and shipping services have some rules and restrictions when it comes to traveling with pet for ensuring the security of other customers. In that condition, you will be requiring several legal documents which can make sure that your pet will not create a problem for their staff and passengers traveling in the flight. If you don’t have any such document,then puppy flight nanny service can be the best option for you.

Documents you need to fly with pets

Age certificate of your puppy

Almost every airline has set an age limit of 8 weeks for the puppies to fly with their owners. It is because at their age the pet becomes a little bit understanding and can understand the difference between good and bad behavior. This helps in keeping the staff as well as passengers safe and free from tension during the journey. Sometimes the age limit may vary from airline to airline and country to country and could go up to 13 weeks.

Vaccination certificate of your puppy

Before taking your puppy in-flight, make sure that you carry rabies vaccination certificate of your puppy because without that you will not be allowed to board a flight along with your puppy. The vaccination may vary from one country to another. In that case, you can also take help from professionals and get your pet vaccinated as per the country you are traveling to.